Past Lives

by Zuzu's Petals

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Recorded with love in Fattal in Montreal.


released December 20, 2014

Nick Joy
Aidan Thorne
Louis Grove
Micheal Cota

Ian Gibbons on Cello
Steven Whiteley on Trumpet
Marie Nadeau-Tremblay on Violin

Engineering and Mixing by Michael Cota, Miguel Marcil-Pintre, Marshall Vaillancourt
Mastered by Marshall Vaillancourt



all rights reserved


Zuzu's Petals British Columbia

Rock and roll awakened in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Sometimes in Montreal. Four boys singing their little hearts out. Riding those good winds home.

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Track Name: Paradise Pools
I'll kiss you as the moons on the rise
over the islands that we see from paradise,
and when we say our goodbyes
Those loving memories are painted in your eyes
and I could stay so happily sad.
Are these dreams I'm having worth had?
I'll kiss you as your treading the river
and hold you as you shiver down by the river side.

Were swimming as the nights on the rise
in a little pool that we call paradise,
I've never seen such youth in your eyes.
"Hoot hoot" Say the owl and she flys.
and there's a fire breathing dragon in my heart,
as I push you around at night in a shopping cart
I love you for your virtue and vice and
when the rain stops I will meet you in paradise.

Life in paradise without you is nice but not that nice
Track Name: With The Buffalo
I'm in a bind,
fine state of affairs.
I was trying to cut my losses but I could only cut my hair again.
Keep yours long so long as it flatters.
Morning came,
I knew it would.
Under early sun it's well understood that I've
been hiding out in my manners

Got a fist full of dollars
and bloom on my tree
And the tails are getting taller and there pinning them all on me
Well who am I to make any objections?
Who am I?

Maybe its a delicate art
In the night I shiver next to you sparks
I'm not going back to lonesome town

Cause its full blown
The buffalo roam
and I'm with them now!

I'm not trying to start any trouble,
don't listen to those fellas they gona say anything
you know that I'd do
nearly anything
Track Name: Real Drunk
Real drunk
I stumbled to you tent
all the thoughts I thunk
in an ocean of love
like a rock I sunk
and I never wanna breath again.

Feel like
A husband coming home
to his loving wife
don't wanna start dreaming
cause i love my life
and she tells me "you can babble to me"

All night
I'm guided through the darkness
by the pale moon light
she's always on my mind
but now she's out of sight
but her name sticks to my tongue like a good song

But it was never love
your hearts just teethin'
I'm right hear baby and I'm breathin'
la la la la la la la

It's so real
It's unreal
The way I feel
Track Name: Tell Everyone Hi
Native tongue wrapped around me like a snake
Feel like a cartoon stepping on cartoon rakes
What do I gotta do to prove I know what it takes
Guess its the right path but make no mistake

Nothin's doin'
So quit askin'

Tell everyone hi

Took my rights convinced myself they were wrong
staring at maps to where I should have gone
how much longer can this winter drag on
waiting it out in karaoke songs

and all the time i've been here
can't even grow spiritually

Tell everyone hi

I know its not hard to get lost
even the snow can turn around and fall back up
Waiting for the sun to shine
I've been practising my good time

Too cold for romance
comes by too seldom
the thanks I get
I'm not saying your welcome
and even if I try I don't have the words to tell them
send them a message on the leg of my falcon

cause I've been dreaming big
and sleeping less

Tell everyone hi
Track Name: Callin' er Quits
Where to begin?
I have spent each moment in sin
I have rejected and I have neglected all of my kin

And every day
I have simply pissed away
and every night I have spent suffering

But I'm not giving up
no I lost a long time ago
I'm never the main attraction
I'm not even an extra in the show
So I'm leaving this world the way that it has left me
A nervous wreck and a tiny speck in an ocean of empty

But no one cares when an empty vessel dies
So I'm not even sayin' my goodbyes

Folks are always sayin'
"Oh if we had only known
We could have helped him
he seems so happy but he was always stoned"

Well why does a child
need to suffer to be saved?
I wish I could have told all my friends
who killed themselves that I love them

And I woke up this morning
not feeling so bad
but I know this world aint for me
and I know when I've been had
Track Name: Milky Way
Maybe someday baby
We could have a child.
the other day I went to sleep
My mind went wild.
Prabhujee mama
I think I've been here before
I opened up the pearly gates
you were lying on the bed.

My eyes can't see my eyes
without the beach melting
To be lactose intolerant
in the milky way oh come on
When it's not enough to be
a miracle
Your sweet little heart loves me
yes it does

I'm the blood sucker with X's and O's
I'm the make shift love maker begging this corpse to dance
Your that gentle secret that everyone knows
Your in our Peripheries givin' us freaks a chance
Track Name: It's No Use
I have been
many places;
France and England,
It's no use
being somewhere
My mind will follow me wherever I go.

Sit and watch
all the faces
pretty sky
the open road
its no use
taking buses
my mind follows me wherever I go

All alone
in a field
crossing stone
they live but they don't breath
and they give me what I need
to make my heart bleed
and it takes me back home!

Honest friends
Let the light in
to the merlot.
It's no use
drinking poison
My mind will follow me wherever I go.

See myself
open book now
on the shelf
a hungry soul
its no use
loving someone
my mind follows me wherever I go.

We will hold our breath
all the way to heaven
wake up in our beds.
Was it like this last time
was it just in my mind
or did something thing there
jump right up and shine
Timeless, Burning as a star!

But this is all we need
you are all I need
and this is all I have but you can have it all
Track Name: Hi, How Could You?
You never visit me in dreams
I'm always crying like a black boar.
So just float on down the stream
I mean were all just dying anyways.
Your in the belly of a star
but your bright eyed and you just can't see,
You're my baby. De de dee.

How could you do this to me?
How could you do this to me?
How could you do this to me
when I love you with all of my heart?
But I guess that's just a part of it,
lacerated by the crystal sea.
It's hard to be when your sick and tired of being so
lonesome and weary.

I'm always punching through the bars
but I'm reminded by the freshness of the scares.
That I'm a baby fire but the sun is shining anyways
I was blind I couldn't see but I was saved by the sweetness
of the sound.
So I'll be around.
Track Name: Follow Me
Follow yourself into me
follow yourself into me
I can sense that you see
that we are growing
follow me into the sea
follow me into the sea
you, phosphorescence and me
and beautifully glowing

We've seen our lives through a looking glass
a kaleidoscope
of space and time
only to find
that I am yours and you are mine.
Spiralling into the dusk
and for the love of god
its here at last
its moving fast and you are mine

and were not devoid of divine.

Come calm and quietly
Come calm and quietly
its only a dream but our minds are connecting
Whisper something to me
like "You are my baby"
and your words carve into my tree
eternally growing