At Long Last

by Zuzu's Petals

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released August 12, 2015

Zuzu's Petals is

Aidan Thorne - Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Keys ect.
Nick Joy - Guitar, Drums, Vocals
Louis Grove - Guitar Vocals
Michael Cota - Bass, Backing Vocals

Dante DeCaro - Backup Vocals, Synths
Rachel Saunders - Backup Vocals

Recorded and Mixed by Dante DeCaro
Mastered by Harris Newman



all rights reserved


Zuzu's Petals British Columbia

Rock and roll awakened in the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island. Sometimes in Montreal. Four boys singing their little hearts out. Riding those good winds home.

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Track Name: War Paint
I’m sorry if you’re tired of listening to epitaphs
But you’re the one who wanted to see all my old photographs
But I don’t think that this angel has to be wearing black
when she could be folding herself into the hibiscus

But I think it’s too mysterious to act like it’s so serious
and I have to be wary
when you act so seriously
And I think it’s think it's too mysterious
to act like it's so serious
and if love is love then what is this?
Well I’d really love to know
And I’d love to know what is
and I’d love to know what aint
and I love the way that your warpaint looks
like light refracting off of crystals and onto your face

So I’ll kiss you know only because its raining
and only because you’ve been complaining about how you feel alone
and only because you promised me you take me home
so won’t you take me home
Track Name: Family Dog
Light the incense dark spirits be gone
cruisin' up alongside the dawn

coming back to ya like the family dog
I’m coming to ya like the family dog

Waiting here so faithfully
glory glory shine on me

burn me in your effigy
burning in your effigy
reachin’ out shaking paws
just reachin’ out, shakin' paws

Sometimes I feel
like the family dog

takes a lot of leavin’ till you’re feeling found
rode into the sunset, but the sun went down

sink my teeth into your graduation gown
sink my teeth right down to the bone
placing a wreath singing your name in rounds
sinkin' my teeth

Sometimes I feel
Like the family dog
Track Name: Survive This
I have no right here
No reason to be here
they see right through me I know they do
“They’ve always hated you
They have a reason to
They’ve always wanted to end you”

Could you survive this
brief walk through a garden?
Easily dismissed
some spirits aren’t human

This spirit’s foreign
Probably from another star
Your bodies worn
Out by everything you are
you are your fears you are your fears

Could you survive this
brief walk through a garden?
Easily dismissed
some spirits aren’t human
Track Name: Scorpio Woman
A hard wind blows
imposing me so slavishly to my knees
but still I know
I’m hiding blood with blood
like any other foolish man would be

Heavenly woman
Expire like a sucker punch to my soul
what will I do the day you die?
How will I afford the courage to buy a cup of coffee alone?

Is this mans wife up in heaven keeping his seat warm
like the coffee in his hand, hope was such a comfort
have you seen my lover? Will I ever find her?
Track Name: Camera Eye
Camera Eye

It’s getting darker than I would like it to be
But I’m welcome at any fire
All this intuition has been wasted on me
I reach for the brick instead of the key

The worlds always turnin’ and turnin’ and turnin away
bet on the horse with the best name
and every heavy stone
seems like an anchor until you drop it
but theres still room in my pocket

Does it look like I’m dancing when I stand on this earthquake
You got your tongue out your eyes closed you’re waitin' for the snowflake
Some things I just can’t recognize
I’m stepping out of focus of your camera eyes

Turning into light returning into light
Track Name: Loretta Lynn Madam
Unhand the Shield
surrender the Body now
defy the ordeal
euthanize the hell hounds
the ancient ceremony fades into the background

vacate the herd
muzzle the fantasy
discard what you’ve heard
don’t believe what you see
if we get the heeby jeebies we just won’t say a word

More sacred than the moon is
the fallen kings of show biz
on a back wall
So sleep dear
your mothers always been here
and she will always be here
It’s just science

But when I put too much syrup on my pancakes
Oh you know its never a mistake… ever
Track Name: Apart of Me
I’m so glad I’ve got something in these sockets
that turns the light into you
I’m mending all of the holes in my pockets
to fill them with flowers for you

and even though every single part of me has changed
the part the holds you remains
and it’s a part of me I need

I’m dreading the day when you and I will be friends
how could I set myself up for something that will destroy me in the end
and even though even single part of me will change
that part that holds shall remain
and it’s a part of me I need
Track Name: Colours Run
I’ve been breathin’ such strange weather
Storms a comin' man what ever
Feel so tired of the cold high rise loomin'
Losing track of what I should be doing
Used to live where the river came to die
Now where I live the river flows right by
Theres been good, yeah, theres been bad
Used to be kinda bright but now I’m fading fast
Colours run

Easy come, easy go
I’m still in the throes
and thats fine by me
its a place I know
I’ll always be

Know I should quit calling it a half empty glass
fast forward clouds keep on rippin' past
but I am the cruel brother to my soul
how come all of a sudden I’m all young and hopeful
and all the artists want something that speaks
you’re just the devils paintbrush stroking your own cheek
and colours run

Easy come, easy go
I’m still in the throes
and that’s fine by me
its a place I know
I’ll always be
dripping down slow
a crooked infiniti
all blurred into one
colours run
Track Name: Taking Space
December hit hard like a strong psilocybin
But I returned to the house of gnar with a smile and a kiss
and I told you I’ve grown dangerous so please just let me be
but you exposed my inner self in it’s niavity
So I sacrificed the virgin to norse gods and the moon
and those these seeds of love were planted they were never meant to bloom
so keep on taking space my dear

and the ever waxing gibbous ascends up through the years
the golden stars adorn the rouging sky bright and clear
but I am tens of thousands of miles away from here
yet you keep holding on my…
so I sat lying in my silence as you confide your love
and though its cast in iron my hearts a velvet glove
so keep on taking space my dear.

But if were a man
oh if I were a man
Oh if I were man
if I weren’t beige and bland
and if I weren’t a rabid dog decaying in the sand
and if you weren’t some wild creature from a far away land
would you still cradle my body in the love lines in your hands

and if I were a man and sometimes I think I am
and if weren’t just muttering bullshit that no one understands
and if every single thing that I’ve ever said to you weren’t a disgrace
would you keep your taken space my dear?
Track Name: The Killer
Ten thousand dollars
Ten tons for the killer of the missing one
thats someones daughter
another precious baby girl in this world
something's not aligned with me
as she slips into another dimension
a kid in Bench Elementary
is waiting for the clock on the back wall in school detention

No child of mine
will praise guilt and shame
and die on the vine
all around the sun
let go just let the kids have their fun
its gonna rain eventually
might as well lean into the pain and set yourself free
cause I aint afraid of no crow
Just cause its something that you heard
that don’t make it something that you know

Don’t want no fucked up
no fucked up demons in my chakras
All lost will turn up
this bodies revolution jives with yogananda
Breathe the Hara real slow and deep
Marriage is a voice obscured less and less and less
and though I love you valley
Oh death, oh death I have breathed my
I have breathed my every breath